My religion is the same as that tree

God, the divine, is one, but at the same time He is many.

God may be seen differently from different angles. But he is the same God.

Is there really any difference between one religion and another?

There is only one truth, but it’s called different names by different people. One person might say their views and way of life is by far best because it is pleasing to him. Another person will say that’s wrong but that his road is the best. But when they reach their destinations won’t they be at the same goal? Truth.

Religion is often about who’s in and who’s out, creating a worldview steeped in “us against them.”

Spirituality rejects this dualism and speaks of us and them.

More people have been killed over religious beliefs than any other reason in history. -If they really love God, why do they kill others in His Name?

Religion says, “If you accept me in my way, then you are good.”

Spirituality says, “You do not have to follow my way. Follow your way soulfully and reach your destined goal.”

Love is oneness. Love is a state of being.


“Feeling the oneness of yourself with all things is true love.”  Eckhart Tolle

“You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”                  Friedrich Nietzsche

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