Removing the Waste

The voice in my head: Is it worth the climb? If you don’t believe in every step your taking along the way. If you don’t believe in what waits for you at the top. If there’s no sense of meaning… Bury the ego.. Remove it from your life and make room for peace before it consumes you. We don’t have to spend our time as someone’s robot.

Me: Oh but I want to be proud and in control, I don’t want to disappoint, and I definitely don’t want to quit. I’ve already invested so much time!

The voice: What about your happiness?….or unhappiness… It’s time to make room for better things! It’s time to make a real difference!

Me: What will everyone think? How will this affect others? Most importantly, the people I love?

The voice: Sometimes the right choice is not always the easiest choice. When you stop caring what others think, you’ll understand peace and freedom on a very different level.

Me: I… Just… Can’t..

The voice: You said you wanted control?

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