The North Star

I hardly knew him. His favorite color, his birthday, his interests, his history. But did all of that really matter?
I thought so then.
He was part of me so deeply, I would soon discover.
It was inevitable that we would reunite.
I was lost, and by thy Grace, I found everything I was looking for that year.
The year of the North Star.
I never paid no mind to the constellation. I had no idea which star was the North Star. But that night, when we first connected, by the tip of his colorfully inked hand, I saw the North Star. I had no idea that night was the beginning of a new journey.
That night, it was clear to me, I needed to know more. And he would be the one to show me my path.
Right then I knew I loved him so deeply. But I didn’t even know him. But I really love him. With my whole heart. He understood me, and I him.
We shared pain, experiences, stories, our beliefs..
We shared DNA as if we were the same person.
Discovering along the way, it wasn’t just me who needed him, but he needed me just as equally. We both had holes to fill. And that we did.
We’ve learned so much from each other. And have established some pretty great memories. Although the memories haven’t been a lifetime’s worth, they are worth so much more.
No matter what, no matter where… I know we will always be together. By the direction of the North Star, our souls will always be connected.

When I look into a star lit sky today, I see nothing but the North Star.
Sometimes… On the way to a dream you get lost and find a better one.
I love you Dad.

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