4:09 a.m.

4:09 a.m. -Is it the bed shaking? The earth rumbling? Startled, I wake up quickly to discover silence.

4:09 a.m. -My bed is vibrating. I’m awake but asleep all at once. I can’t move my body. I try so hard to move a hand or foot. The vibrating gets stronger. With a gasp, I sit up to discover silence. 

4:09 a.m. -It’s different. I feel the vibrating. This time I’m not afraid. This time I know the bed is not shaking. This time I knew it was something inside of me. Some kind of energy. I quickly drifted back to sleep and nothing happened. 

4:09 a.m. -Vibrations. Now accompanied with a bright light. Not the kind of light you can see. It was a light you can feel. I was drawn into it. Afraid, I wouldn’t allow myself to be drawn in. Awake but asleep, again, I can’t move. But that’s ok, at least it’s not the light. Back to sleep.

4:09 a.m. -Vibrations. Light. I surrender. I surrender to this feeling of love and compassion. A peace I’ve never known. This time it speaks to me. Without words, without images. I just know clearly what I need to do. Or what I need to not do. 

Today -It’s been several weeks and I have not followed through with what I know I must do.

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