The Cosmos

What you are looking for.. happiness, peace, and joy.. they are all in the present moment. Look at a tree. A wonderful thing is a tree. 

You look at tree and see the whole cosmos. 

I saw the sun shine in the tree. 

Without the sunshine, no tree can grow.

Without rain, no tree can grow.

I can take refuge by a tree, and get nourishment by that tree. 

Our every in breath is their out breath.

Our every out breath is their in breath. 

The roots deliver.

The trunk is firm and strong.

The branches are sturdy and some are weak.

The leaves are born.

The leaves die.

Like all aspects our lives. 

I can look at the tree, but only see the tree by going back to the present moment. 

You don’t have to die to go into the kingdom of heaven. In fact you have to be alive to do so. 

When you get lost in anger, fear, jealousy.. when you get lost in forgetfulness.. the tree is still there. 

Be mindful. Start with a breath. 

We should appreciate people the way we appreciate a tree. You look at a tree,some bent, some straight. You look at a tree and allow it. You see why it is the way it is. You understand that the bent tree didn’t get enough light, and so you just allow it. You appreciate it. 
My religion is the same as this tree. 

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