About Britt Blooms

So caught up in day to day responsibilities, just going through the motions, I came across a book that forever changed my life and made me hungry for more.

All my life I had family and friends and pastors pushing religion down my throat. It never felt right. When I didn’t agree, to them, I was wrong. I was so tired of religious ways being about who’s in and who’s out, who’s right and who’s wrong, their rules and guidelines put in place to control. So I decided I could only believe in me. Still not knowing what that meant, I knew there was a “higher power” in some way.

Along my journey, as I read, through meditation, & learning to forgive myself and others, the blockages started passing through me. They just didn’t matter anymore. I started to feel free and at peace. A peace I never knew & it was inside of me this whole time! With all this space inside of me free from resentment, anger, & jealousy, I found my connection to the universe & my awakening began.

I feel it in my bones.